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Sentinel ink management system

magnetic ink line strainer
• Maintain highest print quality and prevent damage & downtime.
• Catch paper/fiber lint, dried ink particles, plastic & metal doctor blade shavings, and other contaminants in your ink supply.



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ink filter magnet retrofit
• Supercharge your GRAYMILLS™ or POWERWISE™ ink filters with the DEFENDER Ink Filter Magnet Retrofit.
• Save your anilox and gravure cylinders from score lines and damage that occurs when metal shavings and particles become wedged between the doctor blade and the cylinder.



GreenTrac GTP

magnetic ink filters
• The new GUARDIAN Ink Filters strains and captures particulate matter before it can reach your ink metering systems and damage cylinders and impair print quality.
• Filtering has become increasing important as the industry-wide drive for high quality graphics continues.



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magnetic ink line traps
The Sentinel™ T13 - Designed of sturdy aluminum and Teflon installs quickly and is easy to maintain

The Sentinel™ MPS - This polypropylene trap features the power of rare earth magnets as well as the option of removable filter screens in 20, 40 & 80 mesh sizes.