Flexo - CARE Press Room Accessories: Cleaners


CARE™ WASH – Powerful re-circulation system cleaner formulated to clean semi-dry water-based inks and coatings. Ideal for automatic wash-up systems. pH of 9.5.

CARE™ Multi-Kleen
• Non-Flammable
• Non-Corrosive
• Removes Ink, Grease and Difficult to Remove Residues
• Anti-Reposition and Soil Suspension Agents to Ensure Bright Finish
• Suitable for Spray Cleaning or with Automatic Scrubbers
• Excellent Cleaning Power



Deep Clean Ultra
• Heavy duty flexo/gravure cleaner formulated for the removal of the most challenging of hard dried inks from all types of flexo
plates and anilox rollers
• Suitable for aqueous solvent, and UV based flexo inks and coatings
• Will not attack photopolymer plates therefore reducing hickies and improving print quality
• Formulated from effective and safe detergents and cleaning agents
• Developed for deep cleaning as part of regular maintenance schedule


Anilox Paste
• Concentrated, highly effective cleaning paste specifically formulated for the removal of aqueous, solvent and UV based links from anilox rollers
• Easy to apply and can be used on other parts of the press
• Unique non-drip formula which clings to metal and rubber surfaces to facilitate powerful cleaning
• Can be used in conjunction with the CARE™ range of washes to keep cell volume at a maximum

Care Pads
• Unique cleaning product which has been specifically developed for use in conjunction with the Pamarco CARE™ range of washes, to meet the tough demands of the Flexo printing industry
• Specially designed to penetrate deep into each microscopic anilox roller cell and provide maximum cleaning performance on even the most stubborn ink residues
• Made of two different fibre types which provides a useful dual purpose cleaning capability

Pocket PH Meter
Range: 0.0 TO 14.0 PH
Resolution: 0.1 PH

Arrucacy: +- 0.1PH (
Typical EMC Dev:
+- 0.2PH
Environment: 0 to 50° C (32 to 122° F) RH 95% non-condensing
Batteries: 3 x 1.5V alkaline
Life: approx. 700 hours of use
Dimensions: 152 x 30 x 15 mm (5.9 x 1.2 x 0.6")
Weight: 50 g

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