Our History

Letter from our CEO

From its original incorporation in 1946 to its current structure today, Pamarco Global Graphics has led the way in the field of print services technology over the last 65 years. The original mechanical Anilox rolls were built and developed in those early years, and the Evenflo™ became the standard for Flexographic printing. In the early 70’s the Laser Engraved Ceramic Anilox roll was developed in the Warrington facility in Europe, and over the years the Fiberlyte™ carbon fiber roll and the Wyko™ inferometer cell measurement device all became leaders in Anilox technology. The new EFlo™ is setting new standards in quality printing. This leadership has further been established by being the only company to have 5 of its employees inducted to the FTA Hall of Fame.


The same leadership has been demonstrated in the Offset industry with award winning and innovative technologies in both press accessories and roller manufacture. This includes the Tempest™ Hot Air drying system which won the GATF award in 1991, and more recently the Sentinel™ ink management system, the ground breaking product which introduced cartridge based ink dispensing to the market. Pamarco’s Syn-Tac® and Diamond brand rollers have led the way in rubber roller innovation, and have been solving printing problems for three and a half decades. Pamarco were the first to bring dual body rollers to the market, and water rollers such as the Spiral have been instrumental for printers in the post isopropyl alcohol era of offset printing. Pamarco also developed the original combination product, UV Blue, which is the market leader for those printers who choose to run UV and conventional inks on the same press. Other firsts include being the first roller manufacturer to utilize non contact laser technology, to ensure quality taper free concentric rollers, and the first company to create an off the shelf product for the sheet fed and web markets in the 80s.


Pamarco... the leader in print services technology for several decades!